Welcome to the Metabolism Thriving Program!

I am so grateful that you have joined us and I am committed to supporting you to more easily emerge your ideal body so you experience more health, fitness, flexibility, vitality, and youthfulness beyond what you ever imagined possible.  

Your On-Demand Program is segmented into 5 weekly video modules and supporting material.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact me at support@thrivingmetabolism.com.

I’m excited to support you in this new venture towards you having a healthy, fit and sexy body NOW!

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Program Overview

Week ONE

  • Discover how to change your negative beliefs and judgments about your body, genetics and what is possible for your body.
  • Apply proven, science-based transformational breathing, visualization and grounding techniques to manifest your ideal body faster and easier.

Week TWO

  • Understand why you haven’t successfully lost weight before *how to lose weight eating anything you want and feeling free of judgment and struggle.
  • You will learn to apply the nuts and bolts of The Metabolism Thriving Process and
  • Discover how to lose weight without hunger, complex diets and following unpleasant rules or excessive and exhausting exercises.


  • You will learn proven methods to eliminate poor digestion, toxins and inflammation in the body that create excessive weight, skin problems and dis-ease.

  • You will discover how to eat intuitively and make choices that support your optimal health through body awareness and listening to your body.


  • You will discover how to re-pattern your body and re-align your energy centers to reduce or eliminate back pain, joint pain, poor posture, and negative residue from pain killers or medications.

  • You will practice gentle body/energy alignment methods to release yourself from societal judgments about your body and value.

  • You will gain Superpowers as you become more empowered in your body.


  • Tying it all together and next action steps.

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