Program Praise

I am so grateful to Angelina Spector.  I had fallen 6 months prior, something I did every so often, and I had injured my shoulder–months of therapy had not helped.  After one session, I already had more freedom in my shoulder and arm than at any previous time since my injury.  Now, I have complete mobility in my shoulder and arm and walk better; I am much more aware of my body in space.  I love the Pilates and movement, technique classes. It doesn’t matter what age or shape you find yourself in; Angelina will work with your individual needs, even in group work.  She is a keen observer of how we use our bodies, and it does not take her long to work out what you need or why something is not working correctly. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Ruth M.

Angelina saved my neck. I spend way too much time at my computer, and when work gets stressful, my shoulders go up to my ears. And then the tension ripples. When my body gets tight/out of alignment, the osteoarthritis I am normally able to control becomes extremely painful throughout my body. I called Angelina during a particularly bad episode. She could give me the tools to control and relieve the pain myself.  She got me out of crisis mode immediately.  She also showed me techniques that I could do at home. Her suggestions saved me a chunk of change that could have easily gone into her pocket.

Angelina is extremely knowledgeable and seems sincerely interested in teaching people how to achieve their fitness/rehab goals. 


CMYK Designer

Angelina Spector is a leader in her field of fitness and wellness.  She is certified in Pilates, Gyrotonic and Yamuna Body Rolling and has been practicing these techniques for nearly two decades. You will get the tools to re-sculpt and heal your body without bullying and without cattiness. Angelina is a firm, but kind disciplinarian and she hires wonderful staff as well.


Max B.

Angelina is the BEST around.  I had many health problems that she helped me work through.   She is not just a Pilates teacher.  She connects the whole thing – mind and body – just like the name of her studio.  I would not be the same without her attention to my specific needs.  I owe her more than I can say.

Julie W.

 Angelina is an expert in her field and is constantly learning new techniques and skills to bring back to her clients.  And she teaches Pilates instructors, which gives me a lot of confidence in her skills.

Geraldine S.

Angelina is very knowledgeable about the body in general, and every time I mention a concern or observation about my body.  I had given up sexy high heels but learned that I don’t have to with the proper exercises 5 minutes before and after putting on my heels, which is priceless quite frankly.   If you’re like me and your body is changing prematurely due to bad habits (i.e., a desk job), I highly recommend setting up an appointment with Angelina to get your body back on track.  I know she helps people who have been seriously injured, too (knee problems, car accidents).

Jennille S.

Angelina is a firecracker.  She knows what she’s doing, and is super-fun to work with. She loves to challenge her clients and is always raising the bar by various degrees of difficulty and adding ‘twists’ to standard Pilates exercises. 

I had the opportunity to work 1:1 with Angelina doing both Pilates and Gyrotonic.  Doing so was a complete treat!

Angie M.

Angelina Spector has extensive experience in Gyrokinesis, Gyrotonic, Pilates, and Yamuna Body Rolling.   Angelina is by far the best instructor bar none.  She combines modalities tailored to the needs of a client.  I’ve sent many of my clients to her and they love the results they get.  As a bodyworker, with 23 years of experience, I can say that she is a rarity.  I highly recommend her.

Susan Solari

Angelina Spector is a terrific trainer in Pilates, Gyrokinesis and Yamuna Body Rolling.  I have been going to her for years, and she helped me heal from back injuries and knee surgeries.  She fine-tunes her instruction to meet students’ individual needs.  You leave their sessions feeling taller, relaxed with all your bones articulated, and fully integrated. 

Felicity B.

Angelina Spector is smart, supportive, and fun! She is very experienced, she is gentle and firm, and she offers a great combination of Pilates, Gyrotonic and Yamuna Body Rolling.  You are easily doing these techniques at home and can see results quickly. It has made a real difference for me in keeping me walking and dancing despite arthritis in my feet.

Laura P.

Angelina is wonderful, caring, and very knowledgeable.  Since working with her, my back and shoulder problems have disappeared.  When something does bother me, Angelina has given me the tools to take care of myself.  I feel younger, stronger, and taller.   Pilates makes all other movements a breeze. I have increased energy for walking and dancing.

Jessica M.

The bodywork I received from Angelina was amazing. I arrived feeling a bit off balance and foggy. I left her with such a sense of security, and my energy was high. Two days Later I am still feeling agile and strong. Not only was the treatment excellent, but it was also education of the body Intellect.


J. Njeri

Where Can A 57-Year Old Gain A Body Like A 35-Year Old?

I’ve been a client of Angelina’s for the past 5-6 years and would never even visit another instructor  because:

  1. Angelina Spector is most knowledgeable I’ve ever run across in any fitness modality. Her knowledge is unparalleled.  She always gears my personalized routine to exactly what my body needs and can accommodate, always challenging me, but never pushing me past my limits. 
  2. RESULTS!!!  So, I’m 57, have multiple sclerosis (MS) and lead a very sedentary life as I was on a walker.  I don’t have a 35-year old body, but Angelina Spector does!!  And, like “Benjamin Buttons,” I appear younger to people, too.  I’m definitely, more flexible and have not had to use a walker for over four years! What was once my weakened posture is stronger and more upright!  Of course, I’m also sculpting my body — you know, stronger abdominals, firmer bottom!!

I can’t imagine any better instructor than Angelina, and if by chance a “better” one exists, I don’t need to find it!


Hunter J.

Angelina Spector is an impressive instructor.  Her integration of Gyrotonic and Yamuna Body Rolling stretched and strengthened me. As an advanced deep tissue instructor and chiropractor, I found the class sourced from the latest cutting-edge research. 

Dr. Matt