You have an opportunity right now to get the body you have always wanted!

Discover The Secret Formula of How to Eat Whatever You Want AND Lose Weight!

With MY system, you will no longer have to starve yourself, perform long hours of excessive and dangerous exercises, keep elaborate records OR obey complicated rules over your life!

Dear Women who want to lose weight easily,

Do you have a strong desire to finally lose fat and weight and keep it off without doing exhausting exercise or crazy fad diets?

Do you want to finally achieve your fitness and weight loss goals THIS YEAR without being left feeling crabby or deprived?

If your answers were YES… then this is the most important letter you’ll read this year!

Here’s why…

Now is the time for you to STOP procrastinating and START creating your ideal body — no matter your age and no matter how many diet programs you have tried in the past!

So, how do I know that NOW is YOUR time to shine?

When you let go of the old beliefs and behaviors that have tortured and kept you in a body that is not your highest potential, you will feel FREE. You will feel unstoppable and be able to do anything you decide to do.

My name is Angelina Spector.

As an expert using cutting-edge tools and methods in the fitness industry, I have helped hundreds of women achieve their ideal body weight and shape — no matter their age or how many times they had failed in the past.

I use several techniques and tools that are tailored to the individual needs of each client, so they can experience amazing results in record time.

After years of trial and error, I have developed a system that will give you everything you need to have a healthy, fit and sexy body — no matter what age you are.

But here’s some bad news…​

According to the New York Times, and other reliable sources, 95% of people who lose weight will regain it within a year AND gain more.

So, why do so many people achieve such disappointing results?

They lack the unique and proven tools to help them retrain their mind and bodies to not only permanently lose the weight BUT keep it off too!

So, can these goals be achieved?

The answer is in learning how to properly adjust YOUR unique metabolism set point!

It’s never too late to meet your body goals. It’s only too late if you never start!

Learn the simple secrets to a healthy, fit, and sexy body, more energy, better sleep, and experience the slowing of the aging process!

Kathy’s Success Story

At the age of 50, Kathy lost 150 pounds after being overweight since she was a pre-teen.

She is now a marathon walker and enjoys hiking 10 to 12 miles a day!  WOW! 

Ellen’s Success Story

A 30-year old artist and landscape architect who had various poor eating habits, including not eating enough and bulimia and drinking too much alcohol.

Ellen was also obsessed about weighing and eating too much.

Through the Metabolism Thriving Program, she was able to start enjoying her food, stop taking needless and possibly harmful medications and manage her weight with “intuitive eating” and enjoyable healthy exercise designed for her fitness goals.

Karen’s Success Story

She was a 45-year old woman returning to school to obtain a Master’s degree for Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. She used the Metabolism Thriving Program to assist her in being successful as a Counselor Trainee.

Her master’s program involved working with very difficult people and various stressors such as children behaving badly, families in conflict, and suicidal clients.

Initially, Karen was concerned about her health especially her feet because they were in constant pain.

Visualization, breathing, Pilates, and grounding techniques helped Karen through her most difficult days.

She has completed her Master’s program, and she is virtually pain free — walking with confidence and grace.

Karen now has all of the tools to maintain optimal health and manage stress that may arise throughout her career and life.

Would YOU like to Develop the SUPERPOWERS ​that Kathy, Ellen and Karen used?

You can with my proven system!

It offers a practical approach that neither involves starvation, judgment on whether a food is good or bad, nor excessive exercise programs!


Get increased confidence.

With this confidence, you can earn more in your job, feel more energetic and get more done, and feel happy with your life.


Say goodbye to "diet" foods

And expensive and/or dangerous supplements that could be harmful or even fatal to your well-being.


Receive proven techniques

 That help you move past your old mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST people from achieving their ideal body goals.


Keeping the weight off

Learn how to deal with every part of the process of losing weight and keeping it off.


Conquer setbacks

by setting new body goals.


Learn Success

Learn from the successful experiences of others on how to avoid weight loss frustrations.


And more!

Also with My Proven System:

  1. You will never have to follow boring rules or give up the foods you love.
  2. You will never be required to do “insane” exercises that could send you to the emergency room.
  3. And you always be in charge of YOUR program!

What you will receive in the 5-Week Metabolism Thriving Program

Week ONE

You will discover how to change your negative beliefs and judgments about your body, genetics and what is possible for your body.

Apply proven, science-based transformational breathing, visualization and grounding techniques to manifest your ideal body faster and easier

Week TWO

Understand why you haven’t successfully lost weight before *how to lose weight eating anything you want and feeling free of judgment and struggle.

You will learn to apply the nuts and bolts of The Metabolism Thriving Process and

Discover how to lose weight without hunger, complex diets and following unpleasant rules or excessive and exhausting exercises.


You will learn proven methods to eliminate poor digestion, toxins and inflammation in the body that create excessive weight, skin problems and dis-ease.

You will discover how to eat intuitively and make choices that support your optimal health through body awareness and listening to your body.


You will discover how to re-pattern your body and re-align your energy centers to reduce or eliminate back pain, joint pain, poor posture, and negative residue from pain killers or medications.

You will practice gentle body/energy alignment methods to release yourself from societal judgments about your body and value.

You will gain Superpowers as you become more empowered in your body.


Tying it all together and next steps

The Benefits

1. You will learn to understand yourself and why you have the body that you have how to effectively reshape your body and how to keep the weight off permanently.

2.  You will gain insight how to change longstanding patterns and habits that have kept you stuck and kept you from having a healthy, fit and sexy body.

3.  Discover how others use this system to reduce and maintain their weight and improve their health and how they overcame the challenges of making these changes.

4.  Discover the feeling of ease and freedom from deprivation compared to other weight loss methods.


I take both private and larger classes with her. With Angelina’s knowledge and attention, she has helped to beautifully transform and tone my body while modifying movements to avoid aggravating what was a painful shoulder injury when I started. If you need special attention to get started, try a private virtual lesson. If you are serious about getting stronger, toned, and healthier this is the place for you. Angelina is a wonderful teacher and I love coming here several times a week”

Leslie Z.

“Angelina helped me get back my body in condition after a difficult pregnancy.” I’ve been working with Angelina for the past three years and I can say that having Angelina has greatly helped me with my back. She has showed genuine interest in how I feel and responds accordingly by the type of exercise we do. I feel stronger and lighter on my feet. I recommend Angelina. Angelina really helped me get my body stronger. For women, especially those who have given birth. Angelina will help you easily suck that tummy right back in!”

Stephanie U.

“Angelina Spector is fantastic! She knew just how to instruct me so my body could stretch, relax, and release the stress that I carry around. Her knowledge of helping people meet their fitness goals for their individual needs regardless of injuries or medical conditions is phenomenal. Everyone could benefit from having such a great instructor!”

Pamela C.

“Angelina Spector really knows her stuff.  I highly recommend her.” She helped me with some very tight muscles that were contributing to a hip problem – which is no longer a problem! She also helped me strengthen my arches, allowing me to take the long walks and hikes I enjoy. I highly recommend her and her studio.”

Pat L.

Program Options

My Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

Try the program out, and we will joyfully refund your fee before the second class. No Questions Asked, so go ahead and take the first step towards a better YOU!

Still Undecided?

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